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Graduation Party Decorations


You’ve graduated.

So before you go out into the real world and say goodbye to your care-free student days, you’ve got to throw the party of your life. Your graduation party has to be perfect – it will be the party you will remember forever. The secret to the perfect graduation party is all in the planning and the detail. It’s your graduation party decorations that will set this night aside from all the others. Your graduation party decorations will make the occasion special and not just another “night out”. You need to plan something that will hold in your memory for the rest of your life, so let CelebrationTimeUK help with the graduation party decorations and start planning.

It’s always good to have a bit of healthy competition when it comes to graduation parties, so hiring a great venue, organising the catering and themfing your graduation party decorations will make you stand out from the crowd and give your friends and guests something to keep them talking!

Even if you’re on a budget (and let’s face it, after years at University most of us are) we’ve a huge range of graduation party decorations to suit your finances. Our graduation party decorations start from as little as £1 each, so it wont break the bank to decorate your venue perfectly. Your choice of theme and graduation party decorations will be what sets your festivities aside from the rest, so start planning it now and all the details will come together to make it an extra special event.

If you are sitting down to a meal, possibly the most important graduation party decoration will be the table decorations. From place card holders to glittery confetti your graduation party decorations will be what your guests see whilst they are eating and its often what they talk about too! We’ve a huge range of table confetti in many different colours and shapes, all that come with matching place cards. The table centre piece is often the most talked about graduation party decoration, so make sure that it is stunning, by visiting our range.

If food isn’t an option and it’s a dancing party you want, then lighting is the most important thing on your graduation party decorations shopping list. Obviously your venue and DJ will provide some of the lighting but for that extra sparkle choose something from CelebrationTimeUK. We’ve over 170 event lighting options to choose from.

Make sure your graduation party decorations aren’t too cumbersome or intrusive, if you're hiring a DJ and having lots of dancing. There’s nothing worse that feeling over run with too many graduation party decorations or graduation party decorations that don’t compliment your chosen theme.

Whether you choose to host your own party in your halls of residence, your house or if you hire a venue, you’ll need to think very carefully about your graduation party decorations. At home using big, chunky graduation party decorations can look too cluttered and busy, and will spoil the effect you’re trying to create. In a hall, not using enough graduation party decorations has the opposite effect and what you choose to use looks lost, tired or simply not enough.

So, let your friends toast your success at your graduation party. Be the belle of the ball and the talk of the town with a party you’ll remember forever.